What do we offer?

We offer a broad portfolio for clubs in the FIA ecosystem and industrial companies interested in exploring the third dimension together with the FIA. Both drones and Advanced / Urban Air Mobility are complex subjects. What are their benefits to club members? How can we evaluate their viability in a specific country? How far is both technology and regulation?

The Drone & Vertical Mobility Academy was founded to help answer those questions. We work with clubs worldwide on a broad range of topics ranging from medical deliveries to drone pilot training and tourism usage.

Whether your club is only now taking its first steps in this direction or has more advanced projects. We are here to supercharge your efforts!



We support FIA clubs worldwide in evaluating and implementing pilot projects in the field of drones and urban air mobility. Interested in starting your own drone project? We help with preliminary studies, business model analysis, operational set-up and discussions with industry and government. Check the Business Model Database for more information!

Part of this push is also to develop ready-made business model plans for clubs worldwide and thus leverage economies of scale across different clubs.



By publishing market and case studies as well as articles on regulatory frameworks, we support FIA members in implementing projects in a complex environment.

In addition, we regularly hold webinars in which ongoing projects are presented and knowledge on specific topics is conveyed in a compact form.



We support the international exchange of knowledge between FIA clubs as well as clubs and industry. To this end, various formats have been set up that enable clubs working on specific drone projects to align their needs and leverage economies of scale by jointly advancing their respective projects.

We will host a yearly start-up event to bring together FIA clubs, industry and interesting start-ups. The event will focus on a different world region each year to bring together a broad spectrum of actors.

The Drone & Vertical Mobility Academy supports FIA Clubs stepping into the third dimension.
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